Where to Buy Cigarettes?

First time smokers are new to smoking and they often are asking where to buy cigarettes? However, this question is asked not only by beginners, but also by experienced smokers too as they would be glad to discover some new places to get cigarettes.


Most important thing for every new smoker is the age. How old are you? In most states in the USA and Europe you should be 18 to purchase cigarettes. Last years in the world is observed a tendency of increasing legal smoking age to 19 and in some cases to 21. Why do they do so? Well, health specialists say that most regular smokers started to smoke in their youth when they were under 21, therefore it is considered that increasing tobacco buying age will prevent youth from smoking and becoming regular smokers in an adult age. In American shops the salesman has the right to ask you for an ID in order to check your age, so you should have a legal age to avoid problems. Online cigarettes stores also have policies that do prohibit cigarettes sale to persons having an illegal age. You must be an adult to buy and smoke cigarettes! Learn your local laws and information on cigarettes sales sites!

What is better place for buying cigarettes?
It depends on the place you live, money and time you have. For example, in local shops and markets you get cigarettes any time you want, but they are expensive and are sold only by packs. Buying cigarettes online is cheaper, but you have to wait their delivery which usually takes from three to four weeks. One more evident advantage of online cigarette shops is that they sell cigs in cartons consisting of 10 packs, and you may order several cartons at once! Imagine now what an amazing smoking experience you may have!

Which online cigarette store to choose? Here are top three best online cigarette shops on the web:
1. http://www.dotcigarettes.com/
Beautiful site made in dark red color. Besides cigarettes you will find there a section called News dedicated to latest news in tobacco industry. News are updated twice a week and they are worth reading as they inform you about all important changes in anti-smoking legislations in the USA and worldwide. The products range is represented by most popular brands like Marlboro, Camel, Lucky Strike, Winston and Kent, as well as by less known cheap brands like Blood, Classic and Doina. The price of shipping is $9.49 per carton.

2. http://www.mydiscountcigarette.net/
The disign of the site is quite simple. This store offers more brands than previous cigarette store, and prices on cigarettes almost do not differ. The advantage of this site is that when you browse it, you see on its homepage site's three bestsellers. Also on the left sidebar you see world's top cigarette brands highlighted with yellow, which will ease customer's searching. In case you become permanent buyer, you may get a 5% discount.

3. http://cigarette-deals.com/
This site has a very stylish design in dark colors. Besides a wide varity of cigarettes you will find interesting articles related to smoking. The shop appreciates its clients and offers a 5% discount for those who became its VIPs! In case you have questions, you may send any time an e-mail to customer service, which responds very rapidly to all mails.

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