What Cigarettes to Choose for Making Smoke Rings

Many smokers want to learn to blow smoke rings in order to impress their friends. You want it too. Here the most important things are a lot of practice and strong cigarettes. Experienced smokers already know that the secret of beautiful smoke rings is in adequately chosen cigarettes having high amount of tar and nicotine. Perfect smoke rings depend on perfect combination of these components.

In fact, there are a lot of strong cigarettes on the market, but best cigarettes for smoke rings contain 15mg tar and more. Here is the list of cigarettes with high amount of tar and nicotine. Generally, non-filters are the perfect choice, but they may seem too strong for a beginner.

Leana Non-Filter (15mg tar, 1.3mg nicotine);
Astra Non-Filter (16mg tar, 1.3mg nicotine);
Nistru Non-Filter (16mg tar, 1.3mg nicotine).

Plai (15mg tar, 1.2mg nicotine);
Temp (15mg, 1.1mg nicotine);
Cosmos (16mg tar, 1.2mg nicotine);
Fluieras (16mg tar, 1.3mg nicotine);
Plugarul (18mg tar, 1.3mg nicotine).

All these are European barnds and they are available in online cigarettes stores about which we wrote in one of our articles.

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