Safe Smoking

You may wonder, but smoking may be safe. How? Read in the article below.


A recent study made an amazing finding — it turned out that slim cigarettes present lower health risks than regular cigarettes. This is an unusual information, because people got used to hear that smoking is no good.

However, representatives of the World Health Organization stay quiet about health benefits of smoking and prefer not to say that use of cigarettes helps to fight obesity and reduces risks for Parkinson's disease. Declaration of health benefits of smoking could lead to a wide promotion of tobacco products and sales increase of tobacco companies. The WHO does it want it.

The study we began to talk about revealed that exposure to tar and nicotine is lower in those who use slims compared to those who use regulars. The study was made by scientists at the R&D centre of the British American Tobacco, well-known for manufacturing Lucky Strike, Dunhill and Pall Mall. In the study participated 360 smokers who used regular cigarettes and slim cigarettes.

The exposure to tar and nicotine was measured with the help of speacial device which detects the amount of chemicals in cigarette filers used by smokers. It was detected that amount of acrylonitrile, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, acetaldehyde and benzene was much lower in slim cigarettes than in regular ones. Thus slim shape of a cigarette reduces size of puffs during smoking them and namely this lowers exposure to tar and nicotine.

Today slim cigarettes become more and more popular in many countries worldwide and with the results of the latest research they will become even more popular.

Conclusion here is one: if you love smoking but you care about your health, just turn to slim cigarettes! Major cigarette brands have among their varieties slim ones, some brands are represented only by slims and superslims and you are free to choose most appropriate one!

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