How to Smoke Cigarettes

In order to start smoking you should be in legal smoking age which varies in different countries. As to USA, legal smoking age varies from state to state. In order to avoid problems, it is important to find out what is smoking age in your city. Do not smoke if you are underage!


What do you need for smoking?

1. Cigarettes
Article Cigarettes for Beginners describes perfectly what are best cigarettes for first smoking experiences. In case you cannot find in your shop brands mentioned in the article, you may choose any menthol cigarettes brand.

2. Lighter
Lighter is needed to light up your cigarette. In case you haven't a lighter you may use matches!

3. Ashtray
You need an ashtray to put cigarettes ashes and butts in it.

Smoking process. Step-by-Step

1. Take a cigarette from box. You will observe it is made of two parts: filter and tobacco rod. Shorter part is filter and longer part is tobacco rod. Tobacco rod is burned during smoking while you inhale tobacco smoke with your mouth via filter.

2. Put cigarette in your mouth. As you probably understood, filter part should be in your mouth.

3. Take a ligher in your hand and light up the end of cigarette.

4. Start smoking with making your first puff. Pull small amount of tobacco smoke in your mouth. Do it naturally as if you breathe, because deep pull will make you caugh.

5. Hold tobacco smoke for few seconds in your mouth. It will help to keep your throat from irritation.

6. Take cigarette out of mouth and exhale. Most people do it via mouth but experienced smokers may do via nose.

7. Repeat the simple scheme 'inhale — hold for a moment — exhale' till tobacco rod is totally burned.

8. Butt out cigarette with twisting movements right in the ashtray.

9. In the end, put cigarette butt in the ashtray.

What you should not do during smoking?

- light up cigarette on the filter part

- smoke in presence of children

- smoke in places where smoking is prohibited

- throw cigarette butts and ash right on the ground

- butt out cigarette against inflammable surfaces such as papaer, because it may catch fire easily

- light up cigarette behind gas and fuel stations ans this may cause fire

- give cigarettes to minors as you will be subjected to a fine

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