How to Make an Ashtray From a Can

From this article you will learn to to make ashtrays from cans! This is most popular material as it is widely available for everyone.

Ashtray #1
You need just a beer or Coca Cola can and a pair of scissors. Look at images and follow the instructions. First, cut down the cap from the can and then cut in strips the walls of the can. You will get around 12 — 18 strips. Fold them the way you see it on photo. Be careful as edges of the can are cutting!


Ashtray #2
You need a can from Coca Cola, washi tape, glue and a string.
Remove carefully the upper part of can and round it with a washi tape. Spread the glue on the surface of can and start rounding the string like you see it on the image.


Ashtray #3
You need just a pack of cigarettes.
Remove the inner foil from the pack as it will only bother. Better not break away the cap of the pack as you will use it to butt out.

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