How to Blow Smoke Rings?

How to blow smoke rings? Probably every smoker asked this question. Actually, there are many different ways to blow smoke rings but in this article we will speak about three most popular methods.


1.Wood Method (with tongue)
Robert Williams Wood was an American physicist who created a special device to blow rings. However, our rings we will blow with our proper mouth. At the beginning, inhale a big amount of smoke into your mouth and lungs, then make an 'O' with your lips. Place tip of your tongue in center of that 'O'. Make a short but abrupt exhalation and there will come out rings! Do not worry if there are no rings because after several tries you will learn to make them! In fact, Wood Method is the easiest method to blow rings!

2. Method without tongue
This method allows to blow rings more quickly. Inhale a big amount of smoke into your lungs. Here you should make a little 'O' with your lips, give them a stretch and toughen them. Exhale smoke abruptly and very frequently. Try to make beautiful and similar rings. Do not worry if first and last rings are bad, after some time you will learn to make them!

3. W Method
Inhale smoke in your checks, make an 'O' with your lips and do not toughen them. Now pronounce 'W' and simultaneously toughen your lips and pull it out with your checks. Changing roundness of the lips will change the size of smoke rings!

Some recommendations:
- do not smoke cigarette after cigarette in order to try all these methods at once! Learn to make rings when you normally smoke during your day.
- use strong varieties of cigarettes on otder to obtain beautiful rings.
- relax and take it easy if you cannot make rings from the beginning. With time, you will learn to do cool smoke rings!

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