Best Cigarettes to Choose

1. Marlboro


Marlboro is favorite cigarettes brand of millions of smokers. For those who choose it, Marlboro is not just a brand of cigarettes, it is a lifestyle. Marlboro is the best cigarette brand you can get at the nearest market behind you. These are good cigarettes for both — the beginners and experienced smokers. Today Marlboro has different varieties with different amounts of nicotine and tar so that any smoker could choose his favorite one. Most popular are three Marlboro types: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Silver.

2. Camel


Some say they are better than Marlboros. It is a disputable statement as here the question is about tastes. Camel are one of oldest cigarette brands and during its long lasting presence on the market it managed to gather fans from different countries worldwide. Everything changes and Camel package was modified with accordance with newest customer requrements. However, famous camel remains on the package. Most popular Camel variety is Camel Filters which is the strongest one. Another popular types are Camel Blue and Camel Silver.

3. Parliament


They were created in 1930s in the USA. Parliament is best representative of premium cigarettes and people who love expensive and beautiful things choose namely them. Major characteristics of them are white filters in all varities which gives them a stylish look. The brand is represented by a number of excellent varieties — from strongest to lightest ones. The strongest variety is called Parliament Night Blue and contains 10mg of tar! The lightest version is called Parliament One and it has only 1.0mg of tar!

4. Lucky Strike


Lucky Strike lovers note its unique, rich, distinctive, smooth and satisfying aroma. For the first time they appeared in 1871 and they are oldest cigarette brand on the market! At the beginning they came in one non-filter variety in a soft package. Today for the smokers are avilable different varieties, all of them are strong enough. Most popular variety is Lucky Strike Red.

5. Dunhill


Smokers say it is a satisfying and sophisticated cigarette brand. They love its original packade designs which you may distinguish at once. These were favorite cigarettes of John Lenon! Though they belong to expensive cigarettes they have many fans not only among celebrities but ordinary people too. Dunhill Fine Cut Black is a stongest variety which will give you everything you want from a cigarette.

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