Cigarettes Guide

What is the composition of cigarettes? How to differ mild cigarettes from strong ones? What are King Size cigarettes? What are most popular cigarettes brands worldwide? And more.


Cigarette Composition
Modern cigarette blends are made of next tobacco sorts:
1. Burley tobacco (has 3.5 - 4% nicotine content)
2. yellowish ‘bright’, commonly known as Virginia where it was originally cultivated (contains 2.5 - 3% nicotine)
3. Oriental tobacco (contains less than 2% nicotine)

Cigarette Filters
Filters in cigarettes are made of cellulose acetate and retain particular amounts of tar from the inhaled smoke. Filters make smoking milder. Cigarettes without filters are extremely strong.
Cigarettes were equipped with filters for the first time in 1950s in order to make smoking safer.

Cigarette Strength
Previously cigarettes were labeled with such indicators as Lights, Ultra-Lights and Full Flavor making refrence to tobacco strenth. However, in 2010 there were adopted laws prohibiting such labeling and manufacturers changed descriptive titles to colors. Thus Marlboro Light became Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Mild became Marlboro Blue, Marlboro Full-Flavor became Marlbboro Red.

Cigarette Shape
There are regular, slims and superslims cigarettes. Slims cigarettes are thiner than regular ones and superslims are thiner that slims. Normally slims and superslims are longer. by length

Cigarette Length
There are king size, 100s and 120s cigarettes. King size cigarettes are most common and they are 84mm. The numbers of 100s and 120s show the length of cigarette rod in millimeters.

Cigarette Packs
Cigarettes may be packed in soft or hard packs. Most common are hard packs while soft packs are used to produce cheap cigarettes brands. Most popular brands packed in soft packs are: Zimbru, Plugarul, Plai, Orbita, Astra, Doina.

Cigarette Prices
There are different brands for different segments of customers. Premium cigarette brands are most expensive and they are made for people who love luxury and refinment. Vast majority of cigarette brands has average prices and are affordable for the majority of smokers. Besides this, there are cheap cigarettea for most sensitive customers.

Cigarette Brands
Most popular cigarette brands today are:
- Marlboro
- Camel
- Winston
- Lucky Strike
- Pall Mall

Cigarette Flavors
There are cigarettes with pure tobacco flavors which provide an intense and strong smoke. Also there are many cigarettes with different additives which give cherry, vanilla, rose and many other flavors,

Cigarette Consumption
Top five countries by cigarette consumption:
1. China
2. USA
3. Japan
4. Russia
5. Indonesia

Where to Buy Cheap Cigarettes?
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